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Steel Plate Stroke Polisher

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Automated Metal Stroke Polisher 8"X6'X12'

Stroke Polisher Video
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This automated steel plate polisher is used to produce to a high shine polish on metal sheets with dimensions up to 8” thick, 6’ wide, and 12’ long. The automated machine works by utilizing a polisher unit powered by an electric motor. The abrasive polishing belt works along the metal sheets at variable speeds between 0.25 fpm to 22fpm. Metal pieces are supported on a fixed table measuring 6’ x 12’ during polishing, increasing overall safety. The polishing process begins by laying the metal sheet on the fixed table and adjusting the polisher head to fit the sheet width.

The abrasive polishing belt, which comes in 100 grit and 180 grit, is activated by a 7.5 HP electric motor with the correct variation of speed. The automated steel plate grinding machine then requires manual lowering of the polishing head to allow a full lateral polishing stroke up to 12’ long. After moving across the entirety of the steel sheet, the polisher carriage moves back to its original operating position to begin the second round of polishing. When the metal sheet is completely polished, the machine returns to the home position to wait for the next cycle polishing cycle.

The steel plate grinder is equipped with UHMW wipers and two dust outlet collectors to remove and collect all residual dust and debris throughout the polishing process. The abrasive polishing belt tension is adjustable through the use of an air regulator to produce the best polish possible. This steel plate polishing machine comes equipped with a single fluorescent light fixture attached to the moving head for maximum visibility and increased safety. Operation is simple with the main operating buttons located on the easy accessible control panel. For a consistently exceptional metal polish, try this automated steel plate grinding machine from Waters Industrial.

Machine Specifications

  • Stroke Polisher VideoSanding capacity is 72" wide x 144” long.
  • Fixed table 6' x 12' to support metal piece during the polishing operation. Table surface covered with concrete form plywood type 1 1/8'' thick
  • Polisher unit is moving along dual rails on the width axis, powered by electric motor with variable speed at a continuous rate along the width of the material. Travel speed varies between 0,25 to 22 fpm. UHMW wipers to eliminate dust accumulation on rails.
  • Motorized vertical adjustment of the polisher head, powered by electric motor. Both sides of polisher are linked by a counter-shaft to moves up/down simultaneously. This movement is manually activated. The total stroke on the head is 12".
  • Polishing carriage powered along the length axis by electric motor with variable speed with friction graphite pad 4" by 6" area. Total stroke on the carriage is 12' 7" for a polishing capacity of 12'. The stroke is adjustable by moving a sensor based on material left on the table.
  • Abrasive belt is powered by a 7.5 HP electric motor at variable speed. Pulleys are 10” diameter by 6.25” face. Abrasive belt is 6” wide by 360" long. Speed of belt varies between 3300 and 6300 fpm. Two (2) belts are provided with the polisher unit (grit 100 and 180).
  • Pneumatic belt tensioner with linear guides, adjustable pressure by air regulator.
  • Two (2) dust outlet collectors, 6" diameter, located on the head pulley end of the belt.
  • One (1) fluorescent light fixture over the sanding area, attached to the moving head
  • Central power and control panel with Omron PLC, panel includes VFDs and other electric components. Distance of panel from the sander has to be confirmed by client. External hookup for distance trouble shooting and programming changes via Ethernet card
  • Main operating buttons are located on front door of control panel.
  • An additional remote console with extended wire to be located close from operator position during the polishing process. Remote control for forward and reverse progression and for up and down movement of the polisher head.
  • 220 or 440 volts, 3 phases, 60 cycles
Product ID: M08075
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