Polishing Compounds For Sale

80x Greaseless Compund

Greaseless Compound 80x

Product ID: 42000
120x Greaseless Compound

Greaseless Compound 120x

Product ID: 42010
Stainless Rouge Buffing Compound

Stainless Rouge Buffing Compound

Product ID: 42020
C-3 Chrome Rouge Compound

C-3 Chrome Rouge Compound

Product ID: 42030

Greaseless Compounds and Stainless Steel Polishing Supplies

Waters Industrial is the web’s leading supplier of grease and greaseless compounds for deburring, polishing and finishing stainless steel and other industrial metals. We offer some of the most affordable online prices on all of our stainless steel polishing supplies and other metal fabricating equipment, and if you don’t see what you need in stock, we’ll go out of our way to track it down for you!

Benefits of Greaseless Metal Polishing Compounds

  • Requires no chemical degreasing
  • Easily add a flawless, satin finish to most base-metals
  • Great for light deburring
  • Available in multiple different grits

Benefits of non-greaseless Metal Polishing Compounds

  • Does not need to be refrigerated and sealed
  • Easily deburrs, polishes and finishes metals
  • Perfect for getting out those annoying, small scratches

Greaseless Metal Finishing Compounds

Non-greaseless Metal Polishing Compounds

Greaseless Compound 80X

Stainless Rouge Buffing Compound

Greaseless Compound 120X

C-3 Chrome Rouge Compound

Metal Polishing Compounds for Industrial Abrasive Belts

Waters Industrial’s metal buffs and compounds can be used in combination with any number of our industrial polishing wheels, abrasive belts and finishing discs. Simply place a specified amount of metal polishing compound onto the surface of the buffing wheel, and get to work! Start with your coarsest compound and work your way down until you achieve that fine, mirror finish that you desire!

After you are done some minor is required, unless you are using one of our highly-effective, greaseless, polishing compounds. A basic cleaning solution of soap and water will typically work just fine, and a wet rag can safely clear the surface.

Our metal polishing and finishing compounds give machinists the ability to place a wide variety of finishes on stainless steel, carbon, aluminum and other popular industrial metals.

Want to learn more about our metal finishing compounds? Contact an expert at Waters Industrial today!

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