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Contact Wheel Assembly

Contact Wheel Assembly

Product ID: 08030
Right Handed Graphite Glove

Graphite Glove (Right Hand)

Product ID: 08040
Graphite Roll

Graphite Roll

Product ID: 08050
Hand Block For Applying Pressure on Belts/Workpieces (6 x 9)

6x9 Hand Block

Product ID: 08060
Air Tension Idler Unit For Belts

Air Tension Idler Unit

Product ID: 08210
Stroke Sander Belt Package (6 x 264)

Stroke Sander Belt Package - 6X264 Belts

Product ID: 60264
Box stroke sander belt for sale online

Second Abrasive Belt Option

Product ID: 08750

Metal Finishing Machine Parts, Attachments & Accessories

Shop metal finishing parts and attachments including the contact wheel buggy and graphite roll. Waters' contact wheel buggy attachments act with abrasive belts to remove imperfections from the workpiece. Stock up on belts of varying grit sizes so you're prepared for any project. Compatible stroke sanders can run multiple belts at once, limiting downtime. The second abrasive belt option features a sliding guard safety cover, a second contact wheel, a second pneumatic tensioner and a longer stroke on its multiple axis arm to keep sanding capacity on both belts. Our stroke sander belt package is ideal for beginners and features stroke sanders and sturdy abrasive belts designed for medium finishing equipment. 

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