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Buffs and Compounds

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Loose Sewn Cotton Buff – 2 x 20ply x 3/8 ah Product ID: 41000 $1.63
Loose Sewn Cotton Buff – 3 x 20ply x 3/8 ah Product ID: 41010 $1.65
Loose Sewn Cotton Buff – 4 x 20ply x 3/8 ah Product ID: 41020 $2.03

Industrial Grade Metal Buffs and Polishing Compounds

For finishing, buffing, and polishing industrial metals, Waters Industrial provides a wide array of different polishing buffs and metal finishing compounds. Buffing wheels and compounds for polishing work hand in hand in order to smooth and finish rough metal surfaces with extreme levels of precision.

They are used to put the final touches on any detailed metal component or product, and not only do they make things look and feel nice, they also remove microscopic imperfections too!

Buffing can also be utilized to eliminate any minor scratches, dings, or other unwanted blemishes to give your clients a superior finished product. Waters Industrial provides machinists nationwide with high quality cotton buffs, abrasive mops, and finishing buff compounds for most commonly used industrial metals. Whether you have a piece of metal that could use some serious blending work, or you simply need to give your metal work a fine glossy finish, Waters Industrial has got all of the buffing tools and accessories you need!

Portable Tools for Buffing and Finishing Metals

We have polishing tools and finishing wheels for common industrial metals including: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon, and carbon stainless. Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? Our staff of highly trained industrial equipment experts will work with you personally in order to assist you in figuring out what specific buffs and polishing compounds will work best for your individual situation.

In addition, if you don’t see the exact buff, metal finishing compound, or comparable product that you need, we will be more than happy to find it for you! Whether you need help choosing the right buffing wheel, or want to know what compound will work best for blending and deburring a specific grade of stainless steel, we will be able to guide you in the right direction in no time at all!

Waters Industrial is also a proud online retailer of high quality polishing lathes, centerless polishers, and portable tools for metal buffing and detail finishing as well. We only inventory the top brands of industrial tools and machinery, so you can be sure that with Waters Industrial, your industrial products are built to last!

For more information on our available abrasive products and machinery, contact a representative at Waters Industrial today!
Contact the metal finishing equipment supplier Waters Industrial today for more information about the stainless steel finishing equipment available from stroke sanders to abrasive belts and more.
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