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Straight Grinder With 4" Wheel Guard

Straight Grinder w/ 4" Wheel Guard

Product ID: 01200
Right Angle Grinder - CP

CP - Right Angle Grinder

Product ID: 02000
Pneumatic Right Angle Grinder

Pneumatic Right Angle Grinder

Product ID: 02050
Right Angle Sander

Right Angle Sander

Product ID: 02075
Extended Right Angle Grinder

Extended Right Angle Grinder

Product ID: 02095
Vertical Grinder

Vertical Grinder

Product ID: 02200
Pneumatic Belt Sander

Pneumatic Belt Sander

Product ID: 03000
Stroke Sander Belt Package (6 x 158)

Stroke Sander Belt Package - 6X158 Belts

Product ID: 60158
Stroke Sander Belt Package (6 x 312)

Stroke Sander Belt Package - 6x312

Product ID: 60312
Stroke Sander Belt Package (6 x 360)

Stroke Sander Belt Package - 6x360

Product ID: 60360
Die Grinder & Abrasives Starter Pack

Starter Package - Die Grinder & Abrasives

Product ID: 61015
Extension Grinder & Abrasives Starter Pack

Starter Package - Extension Grinder & Abrasives

Product ID: 61020
DotCo Straight Grinder

DotCo Straight Grinder

Product ID: 01000
Straight Grinder

Straight Grinder

Product ID: 01050
Dotco Right Angle Grinder

Dotco Right Angle Grinder

Product ID: 02060
Rolling Pin Sander

Rolling Pin Sander

Product ID: 60000
Single Extension Cone or Plug Grinder

Cone or Plug Grinder (Single Extension)

Product ID: 53521

Industrial Air Grinders for Metal Finishing

Waters Industrial has the web’s best selection of air grinder parts and pneumatic tools that money can buy! Our impressive inventory of attachments, supplies, and metal finishing abrasives for compressor operated metal fabricating tools gives give machinists everywhere the parts and upgrades they need at a fraction of the price of our competitors. In addition, we also have multiple starter-packages that contain everything you need to get started straight out of the box!

Common Types of Air Grinders for Metal Polishing

Different grinders have different purposes, and unlike electric powered stainless steel fabricating grinders of the same horsepower and similar design, pneumatic grinders are:


  • Significantly Lighter
  • Easier to handle
  • Safer
  • Compact
  • Easier to Store
  • More Efficient


The following are a few common types of compressed-air operated grinders and metal polishing tools regularly used by industrial metal machinists of all skill levels.

Surface Finishing Vertical Grinders

Vertical pneumatic grinders are commonly used in stainless steel fabricating shops, by professional welders, and by various other industrial metalworkers. They are best used when polishing and finishing a large surface area, and where work space is at a premium. Air powered vertical grinders are typically suited for residential and commercial construction, metal fabrication facilities, and portable welding businesses.

Typical uses of standard vertical air grinders include:

  • Metal Shaping
  • Metal Polishing
  • Deburring
  • Surface Finishing

Industrial Polishing Right Angle Grinders

Right-angle grinders are a metal fabricators go-to pneumatic tool when space is going to be an issue. Their offset design gives the user a full range of motion, and this makes them perfect for all light grinding applications, and intricate metal finishing jobs. As an added bonus, their compact size makes them exceptionally portable. They are usually more compact, smaller, and great for seamlessly maneuvering in hard to reach places.

Typical uses of standard right-angle polishing air grinders include:

  • Rust Removal
  • Stainless Steel Smoothing/Polishing
  • Weld Preparation
  • Metal/Pipe Cutting

Pneumatic Polishing and Grinding Multi-Tools

Water’s Industrial carries both Dotco and Dynabrade brand, air-powered, metal polishing and grinding multi tools. These all-purpose metal fabricating tools give machinists, carpenters, and welders a new level flexibility when it comes to metal finishing and surface polishing. A brief demonstration of one of our graining and buffing tools in can be viewed here!

Typical uses of industrial pneumatic polishing and graining tools include:

  • Detailed Metal Polishing
  • Deburring
  • Intricate Metal Finishing
  • Superior Metal Graining

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Straight Grinders

Similar to right-angle grinders, straight grinders feature a slightly different head design that can help machinists reach hard-to-access areas. Water’s industrial’s straight grinders can be equipped with a wide variety of different pads, abrasives, and other accessories to best fit your individual needs.

Typical uses of industrial metal-finishing straight grinders include:

  • Rust Removal
  • Stainless Steel Smoothing/Polishing
  • Weld Preparation
  • Metal/Pipe Cutting

Other Pneumatic Tools for sale by Waters Industrial

Water’s industrial carries other common air powered  pneumatic belt sanders, extension grinders, and more! We also supply top-notch metal fabricating abrasives, replacement parts, and other components for all of our air-tools, making us the number-one all service industrial tool and supply company on the internet!

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