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About Us

Waters Industrial, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Robert Waters Sr. as an abrasive specialist company providing metal finishing services to manufacturers in the food processing, pharmaceutical, and architectural industries, as well as other users of metal equipment finishing.


Today our staff assists our metal finishing equipment customers with material capabilities, as well as inventories and price checks. Waters Industrial pulls, packs, and delivers quality metal finishing equipment products under a closely monitored computer tracking system. Our insistence on providing the best quality and service continues to be the driving force behind our company policy.


We repair all lines of pneumatic tools, carry a wide range of specialty abrasives, and we specialize in grinding and polishing solutions. We have the “New School Thinking” that keeps us competitive and cutting-edge in the industry, with the “Old School Touch” that maintains a level of precision, experience and accuracy that’s hard to come by this day in age.


We know above all else, customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Our trained Sales Staff carry the primary responsibility of assisting our customers in finding exactly what they need for their stainless steel grinding and polishing applications. We’re here to serve you and can’t wait to assist you with your next project.




Waters Industrial is the best place to find metal finishing equipment and metal fabrication equipment for manufacturers across various industries. Our easy-to-use online shopping tool makes your experience quicker than ever. Additionally, if you’re in need of some advice regarding products or equipment, our expert staff members are onsite daily to assist with orders and requests over the phone.


Waters Industrial helps manufacturers nationwide achieve the best stainless steel finish by providing the trusted brands of metal finishing equipment, pneumatic tools, grinding supplies, abrasive belts, stroke sanders, and more.


Together we’ll find the perfect stainless steel finishing supplies to suit your every need. When you purchase your stainless steel finishing tools at Waters Industrial, you can rest assured you are getting a quality product at an affordable price.


When in doubt, ask the experts at Waters Industrial!




For those planning on placing multiple metal finishing equipment orders, please contact the Waters Industrial stainless steel finishing equipment staff to set up a business-to-business fax form to help make repeat ordering a more simple process.


Fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 1-262-786-1610. In no time at all, you’ll be on the road to more profitable business with Waters Industrial. For all your metal finishing questions or stainless steel buffing equipment orders, Waters Industrial is the right choice. Contact us today!